Update 11/6/09-People Tab




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    Linda Schmidt

    Application Update ? New Reporting Feature

    The Tab reports have been revamped to provide a better look and easier functionality.    The tab reports include the Organization and Department tab report, the Project Report, and the People Report and can be launched using the Reports module on the right column of the four main tabs.  On each report, the User will be able to open or close modules, expand modules for all details, close module detail, drag and drop modules around the report page, and print report in portrait or landscape.  Users will be able to sort headers in each of the modules. 

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    Linda Schmidt

    Application Update ? Security Using Propagation
    User will now be able to propagate the default security on the site page as well as security elements on the metric and project modules on the organization, department and people tabs within the application. 

    Security Using ?Reports to? and Propagation
    With this update, there has been a security category created called ?Reports to?.  All Users should have their boss as the person the User reports to.  This can be checked by the User on the People tab ? click the pencil next to the user?s name and under the organ/dept, the ?reports to? will be listed.  If this needs to change, please contact the Connections Online Coordinator in your organization.

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    Linda Schmidt

    Application Update ? Copy Metrics and Projects
    User will now be able to copy metrics and projects within an organization or department and people pages ? or copy one metric or project to another organization, department, or people tab. 


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